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Mexicans sad; Minutemen happy

The day labor center on Laguna Canyon road near the end of the Laguna Canyon closed Friday. From the Los Angeles Times story:

Caltrans ordered a longtime Laguna Beach day labor center to close Friday, saying it was illegally operating on state property, land that the state didn’t even know it owned.

The state Department of Transportation issued the order after a Laguna Beach resident who is a member of the Minuteman Project border patrol group checked property records and brought the information forward as part of a protest against the center.

Racism is simply discrimination based on race, and The Minuteman Project walks the fine line between hating undocumented Mexicans and hating all Mexicans.

The celebration that happened by The Minuteman group after the closure of the center is saddening. These Minutemen are happy that this resource for Mexicans has been closed, but they are forgetting that this was also a good thing for the Laguna Beach community.

If these Minutemen were sincerely interested in healing a sick country, they would refocus their effort and energy on doing something helpful. Let’s get the United States Government to streamline the immigration process—waiting in line for ten years while your family is hungry makes crossing illegally pretty tempting.

If they change their mission, and really start helping our country fix our immigration problem, I’ll join.

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