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Van Tran v.s. Paul Lucas

During Memorial Day weekend I was out at the Strawberry Festival in Garden Grove, and there was one man sitting in the Democrat booth surrounded by yard signs for candidates A-Z, voter reg. forms, and other political paraphernalia.

I walked up to grab some free stuff, and I realized that the dude in the booth was Paul Lucas—the one man that’s hoping to bring down Van Tran in the 68th State Assembly District.

Paul and I had a few words…mostly about getting young people, like myself, involved in political issues. He’s a little goofy on the outside, but he’s got a strong, blue heart. I don’t know if a blue heart is going to win him the 68th Assembly seat; in 2004, Van Tran brought home a whopping 61% of the vote (I must note, however, that Tran was running against Al Snook who has made a career out of losing elections).

If Paul is going to defeat Tran, he’s going to need a lot of support for us, and if you want to meet up with him and talk about the state of the 68th, you should come out to the big car show and street bandstand in Garden Grove this Friday on Historic Main Street. Paul will be there in the afternoon, and he’s still looking for volunteers to help him staff the table in the morning.

The bandstand will be from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. And the car show will be from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Aside from meeting Lucas, you can come meet an Elvis impersonator, take free dance lessons, and eat some good food. The entire event is one of many celebrations the city of Garden Grove is throwing to celebrate it’s 50th Anniversary as a city.

Paul is still looking for a couple of things: 1.) Any other candidates that want to share his table 2.) Some help watching over the table in the morning 3.) a few Van Tran supporters to see the light. If you’re interested in any of these things, contact Paul at: or call 714.478.4559