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It’s a win for Tan Nguyen

If you are saying Tan’s last name correctly, that title of this post rhymes. So it looks like 55% of the Republicans that voted yesterday want Tan Nguyen to face Rep. Loretta Sanchez in November.

I would be really interested to see the ethnic breakdown of the turn out from yesterday, because Tan has ran a campaign that focused on illegal immigration with racist undertones targeting one group in particular: the Mexicans.

Illegal immigrants are coming for our jobs, just like they gays are coming for our…what were they coming for again?

I have no problem making a prediction in this district already. Nguyen doesn’t know the district well enough. It was just over a year ago that he was running in the 46th. He lost in the Democratic primary…yes, he was posing as a Democrat back then.

This one will be fun to watch.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous June 7, 2006

    I heard Tan used to be a Grand Wizard in the KKK but had to step down so he can run for Congress. White Power!!!

  2. Mike Lawson Mike Lawson June 7, 2006

    That’s ridiculous.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous June 8, 2006

    Talk about changing parties…i did some research on WikiPedia and i found this:

    Loretta Sanchez ran for Anaheim City Council back in 1994 and lost. Back then she went by her married name Loretta Brixey and was a registered republican. Then for her run as a representative, she dropped her married name and used her maiden name ‘Sanchez’…oh and switched parties as well.

    VOTE FOR TAN! Not afraid to tell it like it is!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous June 8, 2006

    Tan is a racist???? What makes all these ignorant ppl come to this conclusion? What is racist about trying to stop illegal immigrants? Just because he’s Asian? I bet people’s views would be different if it was a Mexican supporting the same stand. First of all, we should stop anything that is ILLEGAL….and entering the US without any legal documents is illegal…We as Americans have to provide proper passports and IDs to travel..WE need to face it, illegal immigration is a problem…our jobs are being taken away from us because employers want to hire disadvantaged ppl for lower wage.

  5. Mike Lawson Mike Lawson June 8, 2006

    Hey 1:05,

    I believe, and perhaps you can disagree, that changing parties after time is appropriate. Especially considering how the things going on in the Republican party back in 1995.

    There is a strong difference between changing your values, and changing your party simply because you want to get elected. Tan ran just over a year ago as a Dem, then he switched parties just in time to file papers for this race. GIVE ME A BREAK!

    Tan Nguyen has been grandstanding on this issue-of-the-week that is out of line with the things that are important to the people in the 47th.

  6. Mike Lawson Mike Lawson June 8, 2006


    There’s nothing ignorant about me calling Tan racist. I’ve posted many reasons throughout this blog…

    He’s gone as far as sending a mailer to voters that had pictures of brown people removing his signs, and instructing people to “call the police” if they see these Mexicans stealing his signs.

    Focusing your campaign, or “grandstanding” might be the more appropriate word, on “those pesky mexicans” is racist. No other way to cut it.

    We’ve got a problem with illegal immigration–I’m with you there. But singiling out the Mexican and calling him an uneducated burden on our system is wrong.

    We’ve only got until November to worry about him.

    Then, he might come back as a Libertarian running for a County Supervisor.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous June 8, 2006

    I think Hitler would roll over in his grave if knew Asians were be called Nazi’s. Mike you need a “Dirty Sanchez.”

  8. Anonymous Anonymous June 9, 2006

    Tan Nguyen actually stepped down from the KKK because he was forced out by David Duke!! Tan would have been one of the best white supremacist since the origination of the skinheads. I heard he was gay as well, making him the first gay Grand Wizard of the KKK. Us Democrats must stick together against this homosexual Vietnamese White supremacist who could take over the world by getting elected to Congress. Please spread the hate against this racist. White Power!!!!

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