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Lou Correa wants to go back to the State Assembly

This weekend, Democrats received a mailer from State Senate candidate Lou Correa. The front of the tri-fold told voters that Lou is the right choice for “State Assembly.” Too bad that Lou is currently running for State Senate.

I guess it doesn’t really matter when you’ve got so many corporate special interests paying independently for your campaign.


  1. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt June 5, 2006

    This is what happens when the same consultant clandestinely running your campaign also are running the IE’s supporting you, opposing your opponent, and the campaign and IE’s supporting your friend running for Assembly.

    It is tough for this consultant to keep track of who she is working for from day-to-day.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous June 6, 2006

    Hahahaha retard

  3. Anonymous Anonymous September 12, 2006

    Regardless of the error…Lou will be an extremely good representative for this district….his tireless work for the small business owner is already know and appreciated….

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