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The 47th Congressional District

Republican Tan Nguyen is running an interesting campaign against incumbent Loretta Sanchez. If you live in the district, you’ve undoubtedly seen the “Stop Illegal Immigration/Go For Tan signs that are rarely standing alone on a street here are usually five in a row. I think that his really large and obnoxious signs were a mistake. You’re really asking to get graffitied if you put a four-foot picture of your face on street corners in Garden Grove and Santa Ana.

I’m going to collect some more of these grafittied Tan Nguyen photos. If you come across one, send it to me:

Nguyen’s number one issue is a fight against amnesty programs that Loretta Sanchez and President Bush have both said are a healthy choice for our country’s economy. That’s an interesting issue to make your number one in a district where more than 65% of the voters are Latino.