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Tan Nguyen Street Signs

I found another Tan Nguyen street sign that was all tagged up. This one was in Santa Ana on the corner of Harbor and Hazard Street.

Tan’s signs are all over the Santa Ana and Garden Grove area. And the people have been letting Tan know how they feel regarding his bigoted position on things that directly effect the residents of the 47th District. Here’s a sign I’d like to post for Tan:

I don’t think that a job in the Congress is in your future, Tan. Have you thought about flipping burgers?


  1. Anonymous Anonymous May 2, 2006

    What’s wrong with flipping burgers for a living?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous August 11, 2006

    Just popped in to see how the “LONELY LIBERAL” blog is doing…just a comment for you and your HUGE audience here( was that an echo I heard??)anyway,a couple thoughts for both of your readers,first, If Tan spoke Spanish , maybe he could get a job and Mac Donalds….If I spoke Spanish , maybe i could GO there and actually get what I ordered!!! and second, If lawbreakers, ie:illegals, gang bangers, taggers and graffiti “artists” are that opposed to Tan..Well.. you figure it out …BTW.. your gushing endorsement of this kind of crass and juvenile behavior, ( ie: spray painting profanities on walls and campaign signs) is very revealing .. perhaps you should cover up.. or better yet, just shut up… and dont forget to Press one for English..

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